Katzen aus der Protectora Ibi

Our Association plays the role of shelter of abandoned animals, especially dogs and cats, denounce the neglect and abuse, and promote the defense of them, for more than twenty years, having our Shelter of abandoned animals S. Antonio Abad since 14 years.

In the journey of this association there have been innumerable hard moments, many shocking cases, difficult times due to lack of resources, and thousands of reasons to give up and finally lose faith in the human being, but even so we have always had the support of numerous collaborators who have given us the strength to continue, and they have never lacked a lick or a purr of thanks to our volunteerism that drives us to continue fighting for them.
Our Association was born with the strong and clear idea of not sacrificing any animal and until now our end has been fulfilled.
From this association, sterilization is defended as the only means worth controlling the overpopulation of dogs and cats.
Almost without intending it, this association has become a true reference in the treatment of dog breeds cataloged as potentially dangerous, getting for these animals responsible adopters, and contributing to more and more knowing and complying with the different regulations and moral and legal obligations that supposes the possession of this type of animals. On the other hand we work daily against the demonization of these races, because the vast majority of these animals are unfairly classified as dangerous, and this bad image that has been given to these animals continues to create an unjustified social alarmism, in addition to entailing a cruel commercialization of they sometimes leave them in the hands of irresponsible people who pretend to use them improperly as fighting animals, as defense animals, or who pretend to give them a fierce appearance by practicing animal mutilations.
In addition to managing our hostel, we conducted campaigns against abandonment and awareness actions such as participation in dog shows. Therefore, we want to encourage from here all those people sensitized to the problem of abandonment, to help us promote the possibility of adopting an abandoned animal, as a first option to consider when purchasing a pet.